Is Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Going to Have Multiplayer?

Is Horizon Zero Dawn 2 -- or whatever the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn on PS5 ends up being called -- going to have multiplayer? It may seem like a dumb question, but it's one PlayStation gamers are increasingly asking. Since 2018, Guerrilla Games has been posting job listings that have suggested it's working on something multiplayer related. Now, it's said that there's two teams within Guerrilla Games. One working on Horizon Zero Dawn and another working on something multiplayer-focused, which explains why the studio has been recruiting key developers of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and giving them leadership roles. What this project could be, is anyone's best guess. It could be a new Killzone or a new IP. There's also been plenty of scuttlebutt of a SOCOM reboot.

Many are assuming because that there is likely a multiplayer game in development at one of the studio's two teams it means all of these job listings mentioning multiplayer are for this project, and not Horizon Zero Dawn's sequel. However, while this is likely, it's far from confirmed.

That all said, right on cue, a new job listing at Guerrilla Games has gone up for a senior game programmer, and it once again mentions multiplayer, which has fans talking about the idea that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could have online elements.


Within the listing is a "plusses" section, and it's here that it mentions having experience in multiplayer would be great. Maybe this is just a general bonus perk Guerrilla Games wouldn't mind having in applicants or maybe this listing is for the aforementioned second project in development at the studio. In other words, maybe it has nothing to do with Aloy's next adventure, but it sure has fans of the new PlayStation IP talking and pondering what Guerrilla Games could be cooking up for the sequel.

PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime this holiday season. When exactly, isn't divulged, nor is the console's price point, what games it will have at launch, or what its full list of features will be. Meanwhile, for more news, media, rumors, and information on all things Horizon Zero Dawn and its inevitable sequel, click here. In the most recent and related news, a new report claims the first game is coming to PC sometime this year. Meanwhile, a new and official comic series was also recently announced.