Horizon: Zero Dawn Deal is the $20 Gift That Keeps On Giving

UPDATE: This offer is no longer available online. Check our our full guide to Amazon discounts for [...]


UPDATE: This offer is no longer available online. Check our our full guide to Amazon discounts for more game deals.

Since its release, Horizon Zero Dawn has seen an outpouring of love from players and critics alike. The award-winning title tells a refreshing story that only grows and gets better with its DLC, and today, it's priced at only $19.99. Sony's Black Friday offerings include countless best-selling titles (and a few smaller instant classics) but Horizon Zero Dawn stands out for plenty of reasons that aren't just your run-of-the-mill pretty graphics and gameplay.

A new wave of diverse heroes of all stripes has taken games by storm over the past few years, and Horizon Zero Dawn's protagonist is one of the more unique newcomers. Aloy is the perfect mix of self-sufficient, relatable, and (in more ways than one) inspiring. She moves beyond the darkness of many standard "loner" video game heroes and seeks only the truth behind her misfortune - as well as the lineage that led her to it. This multi-layered heroine navigates a story that mixes magic and honest human experiences with fast action and often much-needed strategy when you're in the thick of a battle.

Beyond its heroine and story, the world of Horizon Zero Dawn is an expansive, open map where danger and adventure await almost anywhere you end up. While the game's linear storyline guides players along through the map, the player can easily explore the map on their own, encountering the game's biggest highlights, like it's familiar-yet-unfamiliar flora and mechanized dinosaurs that roam free, for better or for worse (and usually, it's worse).

While it didn't receive the hype as several other titles that have released this year, it's open-world exploration and heart-wrenching story is probably one you don't want to miss.

You can purchase Horizon Zero Dawn - a PS4 exclusive title - right now on Amazon, so if you've overlooked it in the past, now's a great time to give this title a chance.