Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 Remake Reportedly in Development

Hot off the heels of remaking The Last of Us for PlayStation 5, Sony is said to now be looking to remake Guerrilla Games' 2017 open-world title Horizon Zero Dawn. Earlier in 2022, Guerrilla let loose Horizon Forbidden West, which was the sequel to Zero Dawn. As expected, this follow-up featured improved graphics, greater character detail, and a higher level of performance thanks to the PS5 hardware. Now, it sounds like PlayStation is looking to bring these same upgrades to Horizon Zero Dawn in a new version of the game that will release in the future. 

According to a new report from MP1st, an anonymous source has confirmed that a remake or remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn is happening within PlayStation. This new version of the game will reportedly come to PS5 and will bring many elements of Horizon Zero Dawn more in-line with what was seen in Forbidden West. This means that lighting, character models, textures, and numerous other visual features will be getting drastic upgrades. It's also said that Guerrilla wants to bring many of the accessibility features that were seen in Horizon Forbidden West to this remake of Zero Dawn

Assuming that this report is accurate, it continues to show that PlayStation is looking to make what was seen with The Last of Us Part 1 a larger trend moving forward. Unlike The Last of Us, though, Horizon Zero Dawn is far newer and only launched back in 2017. To hear that it could be getting remade is pretty baffling, especially since an improved version of the title for PC also exists. 

The big commonality between The Last of Us and Horizon Zero Dawn, though, is that both properties are soon set to make the jump to TV. The Last of Us is set to debut on HBO at some point in 2023 while a series based on Horizon is currently in development at Netflix. Clearly, Sony might be thinking that these expansions to other mediums will lead to an influx of new players. As such, it might be looking to create these remakes to accommodate the new audiences that might discover these games in the coming years.  


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