Horizon: Zero Dawn Getting New Story-Based DLC

Horizon: Zero Dawn has proven to be one of this year's biggest surprising, a truly engulfing adventure from the creators of the Killzone franchise. It really blew out minds when we checked it out earlier in the year – and now it appears that the story will continue onward.

During tonight's PlayStation E3 press conference, Sony debuted a new trailer for The Frozen Wilds, a new expansion that's set to arrive for the game sometime later this year. In it, Aloy faces one of her biggest challenges to date, as she'll have to go head-to-head against some major threats as she tries to climb a deadly mountain.

You thought the robotic creatures that she went up against before were a pain in the butt? You haven't seen anything yet, as there appears to be an even larger creature that's been lurking about in legends, based on what we see in the intro of the trailer, which we'll have up for you soon.

It's a brief trailer, but it explains the challenges that Aloy will face over the course of her new journey – and no doubt she'll need to have every weapon that she can get her hands on.


The Frozen Wilds hasn't been dated or priced yet, but, again, it's expected sometime this year!