New Hire Suggests 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' Developer Is Making A Multiplayer Game

horizon zero dawn
(Photo: SIE)

Earlier this year, Netherlands-based developer Guerrilla Games brought on ex-Ubisoft employee, Simon Larouche into its ranks to work as a Game Director. As you may know, Larouche was previously the Online Gameplay Director for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

Not long after this, the developer posted a new job listing asking for applicants with online experience. And now, the studio has acquired Chris Lee, another former Ubisoft staffer who helped develop Rainbow Six Siege as a Game Designer. He joins the Dutch studio as Principal Game Designer.

That said, it now seems increasingly likely that Guerrilla Games is working on some multiplayer project, because what else could explain all of the multiplayer game developer talent it is bringing in?

The studio recently doubled in size, suggesting that perhaps it would pivot to a two-game studio. One of the games is undoubtedly a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn, but what else does it have cooking?

Well, whatever it is, it appears to either be online/multiplayer focused or at least features online/multiplayer components heavily. Could it be a new Killzone game with a hefty multiplayer offering? Possibly. It also could simply be a multiplayer-only Killzone game. Or, perhaps even more interestingly, a brand-new, mutliplayer-centric IP. And with all the Rainbow Six Siege talent coming through the doors, perhaps it will be reminiscent of the popular Ubisoft shooter.

At the end of the day, all we can do is speculate. For all we know, a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel is the only game they have in the works, and maybe the extra manpower and online games expertise has been brought in to add multiplayer to the sequel. However, it seems unlikely that you would bring on someone like Larouche, and not have him helm an online multiplayer game.


As the cliche goes though: only time will tell. In the meanwhile, feel free to hit the comments section and let us know what you think. What is Guerrilla Games cooking up? Will we see the return of Killzone or a new IP? Will Horizon: Zero Dawn have multiplayer?

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