Horizon Zero Dawn Gets LEGO-fied With Epic Corruptor Creation

corruptor featured

Horizon Zero Dawn is cool. Like, really cool (eloquent, I know) and to make it even cooler - let's throw in some LEGO to spice things up. Marius Herrmann shared our first look at his own special take on the game's signature Corruptor machine through his work with the LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) builder. The game's narrative was already fantastic and so artfully done, so let's add an additional blocky artistic take to the mix to enjoy it even more! After all, you can never have too much Horizon Zero Dawn in your life!

Regarding his creation, Herrmann had this to say:

(Photo: Marius Herrmann)

"Horizon Zero Dawn was my favorite game of this year," wrote Herrmann. "I thought it would be fitting for my last LEGO [My Own Creation] of 2017 to be from that game. Being a big fan of the Killzone-aesthetics, the Corruptor is one of my favourite and most memorable machines of Horizon. I had a lot of fun building with some unusual technic-parts. Especially the solution for his claw is something I am really happy about. And the MOC is 100% LEGO. Not even Flex-tube was cut for this one, which is pretty unusual for me."

corruptor 2
(Photo: Marius Herrmann)

You can see more of his work, including his Horizon Zero Dawn take, right here on his Flickr account. As for the latest adventures of Aloy, the PlayStation 4 exclusive is now available, as well as the game's huge expansion: The Frozen Wilds. Speaking of the latest expansion - did you know that Sony has been giving our free HZD DLC codes? Check out our previous coverage here to learn more and see if you were one of the lucky gamers to snag a free code!