Explore a New World of Comic Book Action in New Hour of Need Tabletop Game

Hour of Need combines innovative tabletop mechanics with a brand new comic book world to explore. [...]

Hour of Need combines innovative tabletop mechanics with a brand new comic book world to explore. Earlier this month, Blacklist Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Hour of Need, a new co-op tabletop game. The game is set in an original world inspired by modern day comics, with brand new heroes and villains and storylines determined by the players. Hour of Need uses a Modular Deck System to provide players with new challenges with every game session, as players can mix and match heroes, villains, and schemes using the different decks.

The world of Hour of Need is unique, and plays with modern comic book archetypes and tropes without feeling derivative. Many of the heroes and villains of Hour of Need have ties to the Astrallacy, a a recently discovered inter-dimensional space with powerful energies and alien entities. From the powerful Majesty who shares a body with an alien lifeforce to the permanently shrunk genius Micro-guy, each hero has their own complex personality and backstory just waiting to be discovered.

Each hero in Hour of Need has its own playstyle, but hand management is a critical part of every player's turn. Players can either play cards to utilize different superhero abilities, or hold cards back to negate damage from enemy attacks. Players will also need to work with their fellow superheroes in order to stop the villain before they can complete their nefarious scheme.

Those interested in Hour of Need can either get the core game for a $65 pledge, or they can try out the game with the standalone 2-player variant Hour of Need: Judge and Jury. A full pledge of $109 gets both the core game and two expansion, plus any unlocked goals.

You can check out Hour of Need's Kickstarter here, and check out Black List Games' website for more details. As of press time, the Kickstarter was at 90% of its $100,000 goal.