The HTC Vive with Fallout 4 is On Sale for $100 off


When it comes to video game gifts this holiday season, virtual reality headsets seem to be available at serious discounts everywhere, and the HTC Vive is no different. The headset is available for a limited time at $100 off its standard retail price, and comes with two games, one of which has become a beloved title both in and outside of virtual reality: Fallout 4 and Tilt Brush.

Fallout 4 continues to maintain its status as a generally beloved installment to the franchise, and the VR adaptation, which released last week, seeks to put players in the middle of the game's massive world. Steam ratings from fans show a mostly positive response, with fans hailing the sense of immersion and game play, despite feeling that certain customization options could use some patching.

Tilt Brush, created by Google, is a room-scale VR painting experience that allows creatives of all stripes to draw, paint, and animate their surroundings. It features a number of dynamic brushes and what looks like a program to help with the learning curve of painting in VR, making for a probably very relaxing experience whenever the player doesn't feel like wandering the reaches of Fallout 4's gigantic backdrop.

Earlier this year, the HTC Vive saw a two hundred dollar price drop after it's primary competitor, the Oculus Rift, announced a price cut of its own. “We need to make this more affordable for the mass market,” Viveport president and HTC VR SVP Rikard Steiber told Variety earlier this year. Ultimately, the HTC Vive dropped from a total of $800 to about $600, and with both games leaning on the pricier side on their own, the bundle is something of a steal for the price.

The whole package is available now on the Microsoft store, but the sale itself lasts for a limited time.


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Source: Wario64 on Twitter