HTC Leak Reveals New Vive Pro VR Device

HTC’s new Vive Pro VR device and other details appear to have been leaked ahead of their [...]

HTC Vive

HTC's new Vive Pro VR device and other details appear to have been leaked ahead of their official reveal.

Originally spotted in an article from the German site VR-Nerds, HTC's new Vive Pro headset will apparently be revealed fairly soon. The article was published and taken down today, but not before watchful readers spotted it in a Google search and shared an archive link of the original article on Reddit.

Redditor Jaroki shared the findings alongside a Google translation of the original article that detailed the new Vive Pro device and its integrated speakers.

"After the announcement at the weekend follows now as expected the official press release: HTC announces its new headset Vive Pro , which wants to shine with a higher resolution and integrated loudspeakers. There is also a new Vive wireless adapter .

"Vive Pro: Update 1.5 with 3K and speakers

"Those looking for a completely new model may be disappointed - but the Vive Pro offers a welcome update - the original HTC Vive remains in the program. The Vive Pro has two OLED displays with a common resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels, which makes it similar to the Vive Focus from the same company. Overall, the new headset has thus increased by 78 percent resolution and should achieve a much sharper and clearer presentation. For comparison: The "normal" HTC Vive offers 2160 x 1200 pixels.

"A welcome innovation is the integration of speakers, which should increase the comfort significantly. Owners of the old model had to resort to the Deluxe Audio Strap, which should be superfluous in the Vive Pro now. HTC intends to provide information on the availability and price of the new VR headset later.

"In addition, the manufacturer announces the Vive Wireless Adapter for the HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro, with which you can connect the headset without a cable to the PC. The adapter uses Intel's WiGig technology, unlike TPCast, but you have to be patient for a while. Only in the third quarter of 2018 should the adapter come on the market. Open and exciting the price remains: Although TPCast for the first HTC Vive available, but for around 350 € anything but a bargain. Whether the Vive Wireless Adapter can position itself here as a price-breaker remains to be seen. "Whether TPCast with the HTC Vive Pro without (too) large latency problems or even works remains to be seen."

As the original article indicates, the new Vive Pro device might include everything that VR users are hoping for in a new device, but it does include several improvements from the original device.

An official reveal from HTC with additional details is expected to come soon.