Newest Humble Bundle Offers Bioshock Infinite, More For A Great Price

Bioshock Infinite

It's a new year, and that means Humble Bundle is hitting the ground running with some new bundle deals for PC games, all in the name of helping out charity.

It's already begun, as the team has gotten together a few staff picks to offer to fans for dirt cheap, in the Humble Staff Picks Bundle, which is available for the next two weeks.

The bundle ties in with Scribble, the "company mascot" who serves as a crayon dog, and promises not to make too much of a mess when it comes to creating the company letterhead.

Charity: Water will be the charity of choice that's supported by the Humble Bundle, although you can always choose your own if you have a more particular group in mind.

Here are the games you can pick up as part of the bundle:

$1 Bundle:

First up is Tempest – no, not the Atari game – a pirating adventure where you can sail the high seas and explore some dangerous areas. Along with the game, you'll also get the soundtrack as well.

Next up is LiEat, a role-playing adventure where you partake in the adventures of a human-esque dragon as she seeks out secrets and takes on enemies.

Lastly, there's TinyBuild's Punch Club, a boxing sim with some neat gameplay twists, as you eventually try to shape the career of an up-and-coming brawler in the ring.

$5.65 or More Bundle:

Pay a little more and you'll get the games above, plus three more titles.

Aragami is a unique action/stealth title where you play a nimble warrior on a dangerous quest. The art style alone makes this well worth checking out.

Next up is Beholder, a game where you play a person who spies on the tentants in his building, trying to discover their deepest, darkest secrets.

And everyone will recognize Bioshock Infinite, 2K's legendary sequel that has you fighting evil forces in an airborne city, all while trying to rescue a mysterious girl.

$12 or More Bundle:


Along with the aforementioned games, this bundle throws one more title on top – Shenzhen I/O. In it, you'll write code and build circuits like an old-school programmer, as you attempt to solve a number of lucrative puzzles.

That's about it for this week's bundle, but there are some pretty good deals in here for the price, so head on over and shop around!