Humble Bundle Gets Revved Up With Codemasters PC Racing Package

Humble Bundle usually knows how to cater to gamers with its special bundles, whether they’re [...]


Humble Bundle usually knows how to cater to gamers with its special bundles, whether they're into action games, role-playing games or indie favorites. And its latest bundle is no exception, as it's tag teamed with Codemasters to bring some of the best racing games together for an awesome package – and one that will benefit charity to boot.

The company's latest bundle features a number of packages that are available from $1 on up, offering a few racing favorites for PC, while at the same time supporting charities like Doctors Without Borders, Special Effect and Prince's Trust.

Here's what each bundle includes – and there's a great deal of value, no matter which one you go for

$1 or more- First up is the one-dollar and up bundle, which includes four different racing games. There's the arcade style F1 Race Stars; the Micro Machines-esque top-down racing game Toy Box Turbos; and two classic games in the F1 series – F1 2011 and F1 2012. So right off the bat, you've got some racing games to add to your library.

$5.80 or more- Next up is this bundle, which includes the above games, along with a variety of others. These include F1 Race Stars' Season Pass, with additional content; the racing hit GRID 2, which is already a value in itself considering it sells on Steam for like $30; two more games in the F1 series – F1 2014 and F1 2015; and a number of discounts towards newer games.

For instance, the bundle includes a 60 percent off coupon for DiRT 4 in the Humble Store, bringing it down to below $30. Not a bad deal at all. There's also a 40 percent coupon off towards F1 2017, if the previous F1 games aren't enough for you.

This bundle also has DLC included, such as the F1 2017 McLAREN MP4/4 Classic Car; the Dirt 4 DLC Team Booster Pack, and the Dirt 4 DLC Hyundai R5 Rally Car.

$15 or more- Finally, if you go for this bundle, you'll get all the included content above, along with more games, including the incredible racing sim DiRT Rally; the sim racing favorite F1 2016; and the arcade style Micro Machines: World Series. The pack also includes a Career Booster DLC for F1 2016, as well as an All In DLC collection for GRID 2.

And more games look like they'll be added in the weeks ahead, as Codemasters has left space open for both the $5.80 and $15 bundles. So you'll qualify for even more games after you make your purchase.

Check out the full bundle here, and get ready for racing goodness! It's available for the next three weeks, so you've got time to make a buy!