Humble Bundle Has Raised Over $125 Million for Charity


Video game digital storefront, Humble Bundle, has announced that it has now given over $125 million to a variety of charities.

Back in September 2017 the company announced it had surpassed $100 million raised, meaning that in roughly just six months it raised another $25 million. It notably took the company four-and-a-half years to raise $50 million, and seven years to raise $100 million, which highlights how quickly the company is growing in prominence, and how it is raising more money for charities than ever before.

News of the impressive and heart warming milestone comes via the company's official account on Twitter:

Founded in 2010 and located out of San Francisco, California, Humble Bundle offers bundles of games at a price determined by the purchaser. From here, said purchaser determines what portion of the price is allocated towards charity, and what is dished out to the developers.

Each month different charities are rotated in. Some charities that have been included so far are American Red Cross, Action Against Hunger, St. Jude Children's Rsearch Hosptial, Doctors Without Borders, Child's Play, Wikimedia Foundation, WaterAid, and many, many more.

Given its current growth, it's safe to assume come the end of 2018 Humble Bundle should surpass $150 million raised, and may even crack $200 million, which would be awesome.

In addition to being a storefront, Humble Bundle has also branched out into game's publishing. Some of its upcoming games include The Occupation from White Paper Games, Mineko's Night Market, Disco Elysium, Scorn, Cultist Simulator, and Wandersong, all which look quite promising, if you ask me. Meanwhile, some games it has already published include A Hat in Time, Aegis Defenders, and Seven: The Days Gone, all which were quite good, again, if you ask me. You can check out its full roster of games, here.


For more information or to support Humble Bundle, be sure to peep its official website.

In other recent and related news, May's Humble Bundle Monthly has been revealed, featuring Kerbal Space Program, Dead Rising 4, and Ruiner. More details here.