Hunt a Killer Subscription Mystery Game Unveils Details on New Curtain Call Experience

One of the drawbacks to even the most compelling mystery board game experience is that, once [...]

One of the drawbacks to even the most compelling mystery board game experience is that, once completed, replaying the adventure fails to capture the excitement of your initial excursion, with Hunt a Killer's subscription service regularly offering members new and challenging experiences. Their latest narrative, "Curtain Call," is set in the 1930s and features the unexpected discovery of a mummified body, putting the player in the role of a detective tasked with discovering how it got there. Featuring a variety of compelling clues and pieces of evidence, Hunt a Killer puts the skills of all true crime enthusiasts to the test.

Per press release, "They say the show must go on. But, as actors take the stage, a mummified body is found in the theater's attic. Now, a casting call has gone out for a detective who can solve the case. But they have to hurry. The last act is a killer. Hunt A Killer, the makers of popular mystery, sci-fi, and horror-themed games, officially launched 'Curtain Call,' their latest murder mystery. In the game, players are propelled into an intricate puzzle and challenged to solve the decades-old death of starlet, Viola Vane. Hunt A Killer encourages players to uncover the gruesome details of how Viola was murdered and untangle the turbulent, dramatic relationships between the cast members."

"We've reached new levels of fun and excitement with our new game, 'Curtain Call,'" CEO Ryan Hogan shared. "The sordid and sexy world of 1930s stage acting is the perfect setting for a mystery game that our customers will die to play. We couldn't be prouder of this new game and we are excited to see players solve the intricate mystery we've laid out."

hunt a killer curtain call box
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"Hunt A Killer is a subscription-based game experience comprised of six episodes per season. In each box, players will find life-like evidence, including police reports, newspaper clippings, coded correspondence and props to help players solve the mystery. In 'Curtain Call,' players will be fully immersed into the captivating world of theater. To heighten the immersion, Hunt A Killer has included a music playlist and drink recipes, which are perfect for any date or game night. Hunt A Killer is on the rise, shipping their one-millionth box this past year, surpassing 100,000 subscribers and now adding another season to their rising number of games.

"'Curtain Call' may be our best game yet," Hogan added. "We have an amazing team of writers, and are proud to continue to create fun and interactive games for the friends and families who solve our mysteries."

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