Team Up With Your Friends in New Injustice 2 Guild Overview Trailer


A new video for the popular DC fighting game Injustice 2 just dropped highlighting how players can group up with friends and start their own guild. Redraw the lines "between heroes and villains" and join the community to gain special rewards not available during solo play.

Players can create their own guilds through utilizing their own friends list or by matching up with other players at a similar skill set. This allows for a more social aspect when wanting to take the fight against Brainiac and "The Society" to an all new level.

"On your own you can achieve great things, but with guilds you can gain rewards beyond what you can get on your own," boasts the trailer showing a sneak peek into what exclusive rewards that can be earned through this community effort.

There are weekly challenges available to all members of a guild for additional loot and different styles of play with friends. By completing these events, active members will be rewarded with in-game credits, stat boosts, and more high impact rewards to increase the overall play experience and to give an edge up on the competition.

Group battles are also an interesting way to take that competitive nature to new heights. Members can fight in this arena alongside their guild mates for the ultimate showdown, offering sideline support from allies, and strategically selected teams for that satisfying win.

Secret trophies are also available to guildees, as well as special backgrounds and customization to show off the group's domination. This particular reward system is perfect for those completionists that aim to obtain everything possible within the fighter and really just want to earn those bragging rights.

Whether players are looking to keep their crown at the top of the leaderboards or are just looking for exclusive rewards to reap, the benefits to joining a guild offers many options to those that enjoy the multiplayer aspect of Injustice 2.


Injustice 2 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices.