Injustice 2: Legendary Robin and Bruce Wayne Skins Teased, Green Arrow Hood Revealed

Today, the Injustice 2 team hosted a special Watch Tower broadcast, to drum up excitement for the [...]

Injustice 2

Today, the Injustice 2 team hosted a special Watch Tower broadcast, to drum up excitement for the new Legendary Edition of Injustice 2, which arrives next week. And as part of its broadcast, it showcased a few of the new pieces of Legendary Gear that select fighters will be getting. The team posted a few of these images on Twitter, which we've shared below.

First off, we've got a look at Robin's amazing gold and plated armor, which fits in with the "golden" tone of the Legendary Edition. As you can see, it's got some pretty spiffy design, right down to his golden Robin emblem on his belt. And his weapon looks pretty sweet, too.

Next up is a video that teases a premium skin for Batman, only…it's not Batman. Instead, we get a look at Bruce Wayne in a business suit, though he's still capable of all of Batman's tricks. It's a neat little twist on the character, though it is a bit odd to hear him doing the swooping thing with his cape, although he doesn't have a cape. No matter – he can still throw batarangs like a complete bad-ass.

Last but certainly not least, as part of the reveals, we've also got a good look at what Green Arrow's Legendary Gear will look like. It appears to have all his trademark green leather intact, but with touches of gold to go along with it. Plus, his arrow pack looks more amazing than ever, and certainly appears to hold quite a bit of ammunition. You can check out the GIF below.

The developers at NetherRealm have also made note that we'll be seeing more Legendary Gear in the days ahead, even going as far as to tease some cool stuff for Hellboy. For that matter, we should see other characters get the "golden" treatment as well – we can't wait to see what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have to offer.

The team also previously revealed Legendary Gear for Starfire, as well as a neat new outfit for Scarecrow, so take a look!

Injustice 2: Legendary Edition arrives on March 27 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you prefer not to wait, you can get the regular edition of the game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC right now.