'Injustice 2': Raiden and Black Lightning Now Available

Lightning strikes and thunder rolls as Raiden joins the Injustice 2 roster today. For all Injustice 2 owners who purchased the Ultimate Edition or Digital Deluxe versions, Raiden is immediately available.

Everyone else will be eligible to purchase Raiden on October 6th. If you missed his "shocking" gameplay trailer, you can watch it above.

For longtime DC Comics fans, the real news here is that Black Lightning is now available. Black Lightning accompanies Raiden as a free premiere skin, so you can swap between the two at any time. Do note that premiere skins completely override the appearance of a character, but do not come with their own gear sets. This means that Black Lightning will always look the same. You can still equip gear on Raiden while using the Black Lightning skin, and the stats will improve, but Black Lightning's appearance will not be altered.

Raiden's super move, however, did see a little alteration to accommodate Black Lightning. This was a thoughtful effort on NetherRealm's part. Raiden has one of the best supers in the entire game by a long shot, but it leans heavily on Mortal Kombat imagery. You'll see in the trailer below how the team tweaked the sequence to make it more unique to Black Lightning while the skin is equipped.


And speaking of Moral Kombat, the addition of Raiden comes just before the Mortal Kombat 25th anniversary, which is October 8th. The team at NetherRealm will be throwing a special party during NYCC, and it may be worth watching your social feeds for any special announcements. We'll be watching, and will have colleagues on the NYCC floor, so stay tuned.