Injustice 2 Servers Going Down for Extended Time

Developer NetherRealm Studios has confirmed that the servers for Injustice 2 will be going down for an extended period of time as the company looks into a larger issue that has plagued many players over the past day. Although the reason for this issue isn't currently known, NetherRealm seems to be actively looking into the problem and hopes to have a solution in the near future.

NetherRealm took to social media this afternoon to inform fans that it would be taking down the Injustice 2 serves for an unspecified period of time starting today. "We are looking at extended downtime for Injustice 2 while we track down an issue," NetherRealm explained to fans on Twitter. "Thank you for your continued patience. We will let everyone know when we are up and running."

Even though it's never a good thing to see a game's servers get taken down in this manner, in response to this announcement, many fans seemed to be pleased that NetherRealm was so quick to take action. For one reason or another, a large number of Injustice 2 players had been reporting to the studio over the past day that intermittent crashes were continuing to transpire when in-game. Once NetherRealm caught wind of the situation, it clearly began looking for an answer to the problem, which has now resulted in this decision to take down the servers for the time being.

If all goes according to plan, hopefully, NetherRealm should be able to get these Injustice 2 servers back up and running in no time. Until then, be sure to stay tuned to the official Injustice Twitter account if you'd like to continue to be updated on this ongoing matter.


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