Injustice 2 Watchtower LIVE, Come Watch High Level Brainiac, Joker Gameplay

We're back for another Injustice 2 Watchtower Livestream, which is scheduled to go live at 3PM. [...]

We're back for another Injustice 2 Watchtower Livestream, which is scheduled to go live at 3PM. Today the fine folks at NetherRealm have promised that they'll be focusing on Brainiac and the Joker gameplay, so it should be quite the showdown. You can hang out with us and watch it live right here, and we'll be following up the stream with any big announcements or reveals as they happen, so stay tuned!

As usual, things are likely to kick off with a round of questions and answers. Over the past couple of days, fans have been tweeting in their questions to NetherRealm and the Watchtower crew, and they always start the stream by answering the best questions from fans. Don't get your hopes up for any big reveals here -- they're not going to answer questions about unannounced DLC characters or story events -- but we may get to learn a little more about the multiverse or different gear features before moving on to gameplay.

Today we focus on Brainiac and Joker, and honestly, we expect Brainiac to be the star of the show here. While Joker is an obvious fan favorite, we feel like we've seen much more of him in recent video footage than we have Brainiac. Last week we got a great look at Darkseid, who seems evil and powerful enough to be the main villain in Injustice 2, but Brainiac is the ultimate evil this time around.

Aside from having perhaps the coolest Super finisher in the game, Brainiac also has a uniquely versatile moveset thanks to his, uh, construction. With multiple metallic tentacles on his back which seem to act autonomously, to the robot army that responds to his every command, Brainiac has the ability to strike from multiple distances effectively, and while he moves a little slower, his combos and special moves pack a serious punch. If the Tyler and the folks at NetherRealm end up fighting on Brainiac's ship, be sure to keep an eye out for the stage transition; it's a fun one.

As for Joker (and for Brainiac), we're just hoping we get to see some new gear. Joker's armor and outfits so far have been hit or miss with fans, and we're hoping we'll get a sneak peak at some high level equipment hitherto unseen.

We'll have our Injustice 2 review ready for launch, everyone, so stay tuned to WWG!