Is Injustice 3 Going to Be Revealed Soon?

Is Injustice 3 going to be revealed for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC by NetherRealm [...]

Is Injustice 3 going to be revealed for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC by NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment soon? Taking to Twitter, prolific comics either Tom Taylor teased an Injustice announcement. And at the moment of publishing, it's unclear what exactly the announcement is, however, given Taylor's background, many believe it's a new Injustice comic or book. That said, even if this is the case, it begs the question: is Warner Bros. getting to reveal a new Injustice game alongside it?

As you may know, since the inception of the Injustice series, NetherRealm has been releasing games biennially, alternating between Injustice and Mortal Kombat. Its most recent release is 2019's Mortal Kombat 11. In other words, if this pattern continues to hold, a new Injustice game will release next year, which means a reveal should be somewhat imminent.

Mortal Kombat 11 was revealed in December 2018 during The Game Awards. Several months later, it released. And MK11 has been a massive success for Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios. So, it's possible the pair will repeat this reveal format, revealing Injustice 3 at The Game Awards 2020.

That said, DC Fandome is set to go down late next month on August 22, and it's expected that Warner Bros. will reveal multiple games during the event. In other words, if Injustice 3 is going to be revealed soon, you'd assume it would be during this event. However, with multiple big games to reveal, including the new Batman and a new Harry Potter game, maybe the pair will hold Injustice 3 for later in order to give it the limelight it deserves.

Of course, for now, none of this more than speculation, so take every bit of it with a grain of salt. As you would expect, neither NetherRealm Studios nor Warner Bros. have commented on the Injustice 3 speculation that has swallowed up Taylor's teaser.

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