Insomniac Games ‘Flattered’ By Spider-Man PS4 Pre-Orders, Talks Avoiding Spoilers

We’re less than three weeks away from taking to New York with the one and only Spider-Man, as [...]


We're less than three weeks away from taking to New York with the one and only Spider-Man, as Insomniac Games' representation of the hero will be hitting the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro in full stride.

While some folks are wondering just how the final game will pan out, there's a lot of confidence going into its release. Pre-orders for the title are moving along at a rapid pace, with both the standard and several other editions up for grabs. And Insomniac Games is well aware of just how it's performing.

While speaking with Stuff, Insomniac Games community manager James Stevenson spoke out about how great pre-orders for the game are going. "It's very flattering people would put their money and faith in us already," he said.

While the game's wide-open world has already paid off in spades, there's also something to be said about its marketing. A literal hype train was introduced in New York last week, and Sony is going all out with murals, standees and more to get the public even more hyped for Spidey's latest adventure.

And we haven't even seen the thick of the adventure that lies ahead of us. Sure, some of the trailers have revealed some unlikely villains, like Silver Sable, but Stevenson assures that there's still some great stuff to discover. "I think there's a lot of responsibility on fans, to guard themselves if they decide to, as much as there's a responsibility on us to now show too much in some ways," he said. "I don't know, people debate spoiler culture and if it's needed, it's a relatively new thing. I will say in this, we've been trying to surprise people and to shake things up in a way that's rewarding."

Based on our previous impressions of the game, Insomniac Games is definitely getting the job done. But there's still a lot of game to discover in Spider-Man, and something tells us it's going to keep us busy in the months ahead -- and that's before the story additions that will be coming down the road.

Spider-Man will release on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.