Invincible AAA Video Game in Development at Skybound

Skybound is crowdfunding to create its mysterious Invincible game.

Skybound Entertainment has announced that it's in the process of developing a AAA video game based on Invincible. As Invincible has become more popular over the past few years, primarily thanks to its TV adaptation on Prime Video, calls for a AAA game tied to the series have continued to grow louder. Now, Skybound has announced that it's internally working on such a project and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist with its creation. 

Over on Republic, Skybound today launched its new fundraising campaign that will run through the end of April. Previously, Skybound says that it raised $18M in funds, with the company now looking to raise an additional maximum of $5M. Currently, this crowdfunding round has seen nearly $450,000 brought in, which has already cleared the minimum goal that Skybound had of $50,000. 

As for the Invincible game itself, Skybound says that it is working on the game internally and has currently put together a team of roughly 30 developers who have previous experience at Epic Games, Activision, and Electronic Arts, to name a few. Further details on the nature of this project haven't been provided, but Skybound says that it plans to support the game for the long haul with new expansions after launch. As for its genre, this also hasn't been shared just yet, but Skybound indicates that the title will contain "competitive and local play modes."

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"Invincible is under development with a team of veteran developers with decades-long careers and multiple AAA games to their credit," says Skybound's description of the project. "With cutting-edge competitive gameplay, premium production values, and the most advanced online and technical foundations, Invincible will release under a premium model with multiple DLC expansions and special editions designed to cater to every level of fandom. In both competitive and local play modes, the game is designed to contribute new stories to the Invincible multiverse, enabling future releases, expansions, new character arcs and adventures for years to come."

"By developing this game in-house, under complete control of our team of franchise stakeholders and Invincible IP creator Robert Kirkman himself, we are creating a highly coveted game that is guaranteed to have fans of the comic, the global hit TV show, and serious gamers alike, wholly captivated by this first-of-its-kindInvincible experience."

Given that this Invincible game is still in the crowdfunding phase, it seems as though it won't be released for many more years. In all likelihood, Skybound is generating funds in the first place so it can continue building out the team that will then develop the project. As a result, don't expect any proper announcements or trailers for this Invincible title for quite a bit longer. Whenever it does launch, though, it has been indicated that it should come to all consoles and PC. 

Until that time, Skybound has been slowly expanding Invincible's presence in the video game space within the past year. This has included Invincible: Guarding the Globe, which is a mobile RPG created in tandem with Ubisoft. Invincible Presents: Atom Eve also happened to release on Steam near the end of 2023 and is a visual novel that centers around the titular character Atom Eve.