Is a Child's Play Video Game in the Works?

A Child's Play video game may be in the works to coincide with the promotion of the new Universal [...]

childs play
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A Child's Play video game may be in the works to coincide with the promotion of the new Universal film Cult of Chucky, the seventh film in the Child's Play series set to release this October. The film is pacing to generate some serious fanfare since Child's Play's original creator Don Mancini will be directing the film, and Brad Dourif will be returning to reprise his role as the voice of Chucky.

As for the game, the folks over at BloodyDisgusting noticed a pretty encouraging Twitter poll go up on a hugely popular Cult of Chucky Twitter account, asking whether fans would be interested in a "Child's Play Video Game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC." The results were pretty much unanimous, as you can see:

It's hard to tell whether the poll is coming from an official source or not, but the results are indisputable. If a Child's Play game is made, the fans are there and ready to snatch it up. We've learned first-hand that old-school horror franchises tend to make for incredible exciting video game concepts, and Friday the 13th has been driving incredible amounts of interest and hype (see some gameplay here). We expect a Child's Play video game would do just as well, if not better, depending on the concept.

But what kind of concept would fit a game starring Chucky? Using Friday the 13th as a model seems perfectly viable to us. In other words, a game where you have two sides facing off against each other with Chucky on one side, hunting and slashing, and a family attempting to escape the end of his blade on the other.

This could make for some extremely creative team-based gameplay opportunities. Four or five players could band together and start off in a random room of different houses, knowing that Chucky has spawned in another room, controlled by another player. Using teamwork and stealth mechanics, every member of your team or family would have to escape the house before Chucky finds and kills you, or else work together to destroy Chucky by some magical means.

We don't know, we're shooting in the dark here, but we know that it could be a lot of fun. Hopefully this poll reaches someone important and we'll have something much more solid to report in the near future. If they do end up making one, would you buy it? Weigh in on the poll below: