Jacksepticeye Explains Why He Won't Return to Twitch

Jacksepticeye has shed some light on why he likely won't be streaming on Twitch again. The YouTuber has amassed over 28 million subscribers over a lengthy career on the platform, largely making let's plays of major video games and reacting to content from around the internet. As many other creators did, Jacksepticeye tried to stream on Twitch as a way to expand his platform and offer new kinds of content, but it, unfortunately, didn't feel like a right fit for him and he stepped away from the streaming platform.

On the Trash Taste Podcast, Jacksepticeye was asked about his relationship to Twitch and noted that he found himself boring. Given Jacksepticeye's videos are edited to largely include highlights of his time with a game, it makes sense that something like Twitch would be a bit jarring for him. He noted that being a YouTuber requires a different skill set from a streamer and was worried his content on YouTube would suffer if he dedicated too much time to streaming and decided that it didn't make sense to stream if he couldn't put enough time into it. Despite having done YouTube for years and having a huge audience, Jacksepticeye also stated that he's a "people pleaser" and would get put off by even a single person in a live chat telling him they weren't enjoying the stream.

 "I feel like I can make something more entertaining when it's paced around editing. But if it's me, I'm like, I just find myself boring," he said. "Maybe there's a background brain thing going — just the feeling of having to please people live got to me."  

A lot of Twitch streamers have also started YouTube channels, but many of them (with some exceptions), have just turned into highlights from the Twitch streams. It's rarely original content, which makes sense given how much time they spend streaming. They can essentially kill two birds with one stone, but that may be difficult for someone like Jacksepticeye who seems to be a YouTuber first and foremost.


[H/T Dexerto]