Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Issues Statement on Madden NFL Shooting

UPDATE: The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office offered more details in the statement. The article has [...]

UPDATE: The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office offered more details in the statement. The article has been updated to include the new information.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is currently issuing a statement on the Madden NFL 19 tournament shooting that took place in Jacksonville, Florida.

A mass shooting incident occurred in Jacksonville on Sunday at the Madden Championship Series event where competitive players took part in a tournament. After the police responded to the event, updates were shared throughout the next few hours to provide more information on the situation.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office eventually said that the suspect involved in the shooting was confirmed dead, though it was unclear if a second suspect was involved. Jacksonville police said on Twitter that the first public statement would be shared soon with the authorities planning to release it in-person and through Facebook.

During the statement, the authorities confirmed that the area where the shooting took place has been secured. They added that there is the sole suspect, a white male, has been confirmed dead. There are no additional outstanding suspects, a statement that clears up previous reports about there potentially being a second shooter involved. Multiple victims were confirmed dead at the scene with several injured individuals reportedly being treated at the hospital. The Jacksonville Sherriff's Office is also still working with witnesses who were present during the incident to learn more details about what took place. No further information was offered during the livestream, but the authorities added that they'd be back soon with more information as they confirm additional details.

Others statements concerning the shooting were issued by those involved including Electronic Arts, the publisher of the Madden NFL games, and CompLexity Gaming's CEO, the founder of the esports team that had one of its members shot during the incident. EA responded to say that it was aware of the events that had taken place and offered its sympathies to those involved while CompLexity Gaming CEO Jason Lake said that one player, Drini "YoungDrini" Gjoka was shot in the thumb and fled the scene to safety.