Here's What We Know About The Jacksonville Esports Mass Shooting

UPDATE: The shooter has been identified as David 'Bread' Katz, who's been on the EA Sports Madden [...]

UPDATE: The shooter has been identified as David "Bread" Katz, who's been on the EA Sports Madden scene for some time. In fact, here's his description from the EA Sports page:

David "Bread" Katz

In what some are calling the most exciting moment in all the 2017 NFL Club Series Championships, David "Bread" Katz won with a walk-off victory by completing an unbelievable pass as time expired to be crowned Buffalo Bills Champion. The crowd at 716 Food and Sport in Buffalo, NY was amazed with the clutch execution in the 4th quarter!

We'll get more information as soon as it becomes available.

Today, the esports community has been rocked by tragedy after a mass shooting took place at a regional Madden NFL event. The tournament, which took place in Jacksonville, began earlier this afternoon. Now, Jacksonville police have held a press conference about the incident to inform the public of what they know so far.

You can read the updates given at the first press conference below:

  • Sheriff Mike Williams says the Jacksonville police have cleared the crime scene. The Jacksonville Landing has been searched, clearing injured victims and witnesses of the attack.
  • There are no outstanding suspects in the shooting. One suspect was dead at the scene. The sheriff described the suspected gunman as a white male.
  • There are deceased victims at the scene, and injured attendees have been taken to local area hospitals. There is no word on their current conditions.
  • No official comment was given on the suspect's motivation.
  • The shooting occurred indoors at Jacksonville Landing, and the police described the crime scene as a large one.

At this time, preliminary reports says 4 people were killed at the event with 11 injured. According to esports professionals such as Jason Lake, the Madden NFL event taking place was a regional one. The CEO of Complexity Gaming confirmed one of his players known as Drini was at the event and playing at the time of the shooting. Lake confirmed the esports player was safe, and Drini has since taken to Twitter to assure fans of his well-being.

So far, Jacksonville police are asking for anyone with knowledge regarding the shooting to contact their tip line. At this time, there is video footage of the event as Twitch was holding a stream of the Madden NFL event. The disturbing footage has since been taken down by Twitch as it shows two players close-up before a string of gunshots are heard in the distance. Panicked yells can be heard before the stream's feed went blank, leaving only audio of the shooting.

Immediately after the shooting, Jacksonville police confirmed via Twitter a shooting was underway at the Landing. The force urged pedestrians to clear the area as esports stars and gamers shared their reactions. Noted gamers such as Ninja shared their shocked reactions as reports came in. Later, the Jacksonville police confirmed one suspect was dead at the scene, and the force held its first press conference about the shooting less than an hour later.