Jumanji: The Video Game Announced

Bandai Namco announced on Tuesday that a new game called Jumanji: The Video Game will be releasing later this year. As its name suggests, the game will be based on the Jumanji franchise and will feature the characters which were introduced in the rebooted movie. This means that you'll be playing as either Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin "Mouse" Finbar or Professor Shelly Oberon, each of which is modeled exactly after their appearances in the movie. Jumanji: The Video Game is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms on November 15th.

Jumanji: The Video Game is being created by Funsolve, Outright Games, and Bandai Namco. Outright Games is a studio which is known for adapting TV series and movies to games like Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. You'll be able to play with up to three friends in the new game with each of you taking control of one of the four characters, according to Bandai Namco's announcement. The game will run on Unreal Engine 4, and the teaser trailer above gives you a preview of what it'll look like.

The site that's been set up for Jumanji: The Video Game offers more information on the gameplay and what players will be doing as they control these four heroes.

"Only you and three teammates can recover the Jewels and save Jumanji," Outright Games' site for Jumanji: The Video Game says. "So get online, gather friends for split-screen play, or go alone with AI companions. There's an army of evil marauders to take on, deadly beasts and traps to dodge, and cool customizations to unlock. And with heroes Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse, and Prof. Oberon as your avatars, you know you've got the unique abilities – and hilarious failings – to save the day!"

Features listed for the game include online or split-screen modes, new environments and locations in the world of Jumanji, and customizable components like outfits and "weapon styles" that are said to add to the replayability of Jumanji: The Video Game.


We've only seen some of what the new Jumanji game is about so far, but judging from the descriptions and the brief teaser, it's giving off some Strange Brigade vibes. That game from Rebellion Developments was released in 2018 and let four players play together to take on supernatural threats by utilizing the heroes' special weapons and abilities.

Jumanji: The Video Game is scheduled to release on November 15th.