New 'Jump Force' Beta Sessions Announced

New dates for Jump Force’s open beat have been announced with the preview of the anime and [...]

New dates for Jump Force's open beat have been announced with the preview of the anime and manga-filled game returning for three more days starting on January 28th.

Bandai Namco announced the next dates for the Jump Force beta on Twitter by confirming it would begin in a few days starting late at night for those in the West to align with Japan's business hours. The timing of the beta was chosen to prepare for the game's launch in February, Bandai Namco said, with the three days that the beta will take place listed below.

The timing of the beta might make it difficult for weekday gamers who aren't in Japan to take part. Many of the replies to the announcement echoed those sentiments by questioning the timing of the beta, but Bandai Namco seemed to have expected these responses by preemptively thanking people for their patience.

Jump Force's beta was going on last week before Bandai Namco decided to cancel the remaining scheduled test sessions to work on stability of the servers and the beta overall. Four sessions were initially scheduled with the last two being postponed, but those who didn't get to play in those now have three more to look forward to, assuming they can join in during the times.

In an explanation which addressed the issues that forced the sessions to be postponed, Bandai Namco replied to a user to say "This session has been awful" with "complex issues" appearing from the very start of the beta. Those issues have presumably been fixed ahead of the next beta sessions starting in a few days that come just weeks ahead of the game's full launch.

A new trailer for Jump Force was also revealed recently which gave more insight into the game's story mode.

Jump Force is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on February 15th.