'Just Cause 4' Easter Eggs Include Cow Transformation Weapon and a Nod To a-ha

Earlier today, we posted our review for Just Cause 4; and while it may not reinvent the wheel with [...]

Earlier today, we posted our review for Just Cause 4; and while it may not reinvent the wheel with innovation, it's good fun when it comes to its limitless destruction. It also packs a few good Easter eggs that you'll want to keep an eye out for, two of which we're highlighting here.

The first was recently shared on Reddit and introduces a gun that with interesting effects on people. Instead of doing them harm or killing them, it transforms them into cows. What's more, after you shoot them with it, they don't even seem to notice that they're cows. (We'd kinda notice right away, with the udders and all…)

The video can be viewed here, and while there's no audio (thus our not being able to confirm if they moo or not following the transformation), it's hilarious to watch anyway. On top of that, some of the reactions on the Reddit thread are golden.

A user named Juicius, for example, decided to go all scientific on us. "This weapon works by the concept of meta-superimposition of bovine DNA over the human ones that causes a temporary expression of the cow form. This is possible because cows and humans have complementary gene modulation frequency. But if you do it on a cow, the peaks and the valleys effectively double, resulting in what we scientists call the 'portable hole in a bag of holding' effect. But that's also how we get ground beef." Another user, Darth_Meatloaf followed up with a simple question: "HAS SCIENCE SCIENCED TOO MUCH?"

But if that's not enough, there's also a fun Easter egg that pays tribute to the classic 80's music video "Take On Me" by a-ha. (Remember them?)

As detailed by PlayStation Lifestyle, you can find this in the south end of the Abundancia region, by looking for a building that's under construction. You'll see some stairs that lead downward, into what appears to be a discolored area. Head in and you'll hear "Take On Me" playing in the background, as well as a dancing woman that can change texture between black-and-white and color, depending on which side of the room you're standing on.

It's cool because the video does the same thing between a hand-drawn effect and the "real world." We included it below so you can reference it to the cheat, with video on where to find it above.

These are just two of the Easter eggs included in the game. But we doubt any others will be as, ahem, udderly hilarious as that cow transformation gun. (Okay, enough jokes. We're not here to milk them dry.)

Just Cause 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.