Justice League Skins Coming To Injustice 2

Premium skins have been doing incredibly well for Injustice 2, whether people have been fighting [...]


Premium skins have been doing incredibly well for Injustice 2, whether people have been fighting with Black Lightning, or unleashing devastating attacks with Power Girl. But that was just the beginning, as NetherRealm appears to be ramping up for the debut of special Justice League skins for the fighting game.

The company hinted at these skins with a recent post on Twitter, posting a message that simply reads "ALL IN! #JusticeLeague", along with a picture that features a hint of what these special skins may look like. You can see the Twitter post below.

The team didn't officially announce which skins were coming to the game, but judging from the silhouettes featured in the photo, we'll see ones for Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash at the very least, and it's likely we'll see a Superman one as well, since he's very likely to make his return in the film as well.

NetherRealm hasn't detailed when these skins will debut, and if they'll cost anything or if they'll be part of the season pass that currently gives players access to other skins. But considering that the movie arrives this Friday, we'll likely be getting details in just a few days, in an effort to promote it.

Now the question is if the skins will actually feature the likenesses of the stars that are featured in the film, like Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot. We've seen actors make appearances in the Injustice series before, like Stephen Amell and his variation of Green Arrow. But, again, NetherRealm hasn't said a word just yet – but we don't see why they wouldn't be included. After all, they have to look like their Justice League counterparts, right?

We'll let you know when NetherRealm fills us in on what we can expect from Justice League skins – and hopefully, some story content to go alongside it. After all, that would build up even more excitement for the film, right? That, and the PC version is just two days away from arriving.

Injustice 2 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and will release on PC on November 14th.