Keyforge's Relaunch Is Live on Gamefound

After a nearly two year hiatus, the card game Keyforge has returned, with a new Gamefound crowdfunding campaign having raised over $200,000 to help fund a brand new expansion. Ghost Galaxy, the new game company that purchased Keyforge earlier this year, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign for Keyforge: Winds of Exchange, the first Keyforge expansion in over a year. Ghost Galaxy launched the campaign to determine continued interest in the game as well as raise funds that will help bring back the game from the dead and spur future growth.

Keyforge is a card game that involves unique algorithmically-generated decks, which comprise of cards from three Houses. Players purchase the pre-made decks and use them in battles to be the first to craft three Keys. Unlike other card games, Keyforge doesn't involve deckbuilding at all – the strategy of Keyforge comes in learning the strategies and synergies found in each deck. 

Keyforge was originally launched in 2018 by Fantasy Flight Games, with a core set and several expansions successfully released. In 2020, a "technology mishap" led to the loss of the software used to generate new decks of cards. Fantasy Flight then announced that the game would go on hiatus until the software could be re-built from scratch. Earlier this year, Ghost Galaxy announced they had bought the IP rights to Keyforge and were deep in developing their own software that could be used to generate new Keyforge decks. Notably, Ghost Galaxy was founded by Fantasy Flight founder Christian Petersen and several Keyforge developers were already working for Ghost Galaxy at the time of the purchase. 

As of press time, the Gamefound campaign for Keyforge: Winds of Exchange has raised over $215,000 with over 1,000 backers. A variety of pledges are available that cater to both Keyforge beginners and veterans. The campaign will remain open until late September.

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