Killer Queen’s Arcade Goodness Coming To Nintendo Switch Soon

Killer Queen

While the arcade gaming scene isn’t what it used to be, it’s still thriving with a number of multiplayer hits. Among these is Killer Queen, a 2013 multiplayer game from Nikita Mikros and Joshua DeBonis where you can win a match one of three different ways while fighting against opponents. It’s become a big party favorite over the years and it could become even bigger with a likely home release on the way.

Last week we reported the news that Fortnite could be coming to Nintendo Switch via some leaked information before next week’s E3 event. But if you take a look at that same document, which you can see below, you’ll see a title standing out named Killer Queen Black.

This would mark the first time since the game’s initial release that it would be making a debut on a home console. That’s a bit of a surprise considering its popularity.

And what’s more, the official Killer Queen developer doesn’t seem to be denying the rumor. In fact, if you take a close look at the official Twitter page for Killer Queen you’ll see that their profile photos are pitch black. This could be an indication that Killer Queen Black is definitely happening though nothing has been confirmed yet.

If you’re unfamiliar with Killer Queen, there’s a great article over on Medium that covers it completely. It talks about the ways that players can win a match for their team, including the following:

  • Kill the opposing Queen 3 times
  • Ride a snail located somewhere in the center of the map into your own team’s goal
  • Collect 12 berries (those purple orbs) and bring them back to your hive one at a time

The real question, though, is how the team will get the large-screen format of the arcade game to work on the miniature Nintendo Switch screen or TV display. In addition, could we see local and online multiplayer options alike? Perhaps there will be some new content introduced to go along with the original arcade release? Maybe we’ll see some Nintendo exclusive items thrown in as well.

It’s too soon to tell just what Killer Queen Black will have, but it sounds like it’ll be quite a surprise in Nintendo’s line-up. We’ll let you know once the game is officially confirmed.

In the meantime, if you can, track down the arcade game. You can find more official information about it here and see what locations it’s posted up in. Get your friends too because this is one multiplayer party that you shouldn’t miss.