New King of Fighters 15 Teaser Trailer Reveals Three Playable Characters

Gameplay from King of Fighters XV won't be revealed until next month, but SNK and IGN have released a new teaser trailer for the game, showcasing three of the fighters that fans can expect to see when it releases. The trailer shows concept art of Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru, and Shun'ei, with the latter being this game's protagonist. The video is introduced by producer Yasuyuki Oda and creative director Eisuke Ogura. Following the (very brief) tease, Oda and Ogura also revealed some tidbits about each of the fighters, and what fans can possibly expect to see from the upcoming game's narrative.

The video from IGN can be found embedded below.

Shun'ei has been given a bit of an upgrade from his previous appearance in King of Fighters XIV. The character has received a slight redesign, intended to make him look cooler. Additionally, he will boast extra moves that he did not have in the previous game. King of Fighters XV will be a direct follow-up to the narrative in the last series entry, continuing Shun'ei's storyline.

Kyo Kusanagi returns in King of Fighters XV as "a new man," according to Ogura. Kyo's new design harkens back to the character's earlier appearances in the franchise, bringing back his beloved bandanna, as well as a black jacket.

Finally, there's Benimaru. Like Kyo, Benimaru's design is meant to take the character back to a look that's more familiar to longtime fans of the series. Ogura said that the intention was to pull back from the character's flashier appearance in the previous game, and go with something that has an "oriental flair."


It will be interesting to see what other fighters end up in the game! Over its 26-year history, the franchise has featured a number of characters from SNK properties, so there are plenty of viable candidates that players can expect to see as more information is revealed. As of this writing, no platforms for the game have been announced, and there is no release date known, either. However, a full gameplay trailer for King of Fighters XV is set to release on January 7, so fans shouldn't have long to wait to find out more!

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