Kingdom Come: Deliverance Will Be Featured at PlayStation Experience

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of many games that’s been confirmed for an appearance during PlayStation Experience following a recent announcement from the game’s developers.

Sharing the news with the community through a post on the PlayStation 4 subreddit, Rick Lagnese, the U.S. Community Manager for Warhorse Studios, said that the game will be shown at PlayStation Experience. Lagnese also gave a quick overview of the game for anyone who haven’t been following the development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance alongside a video update featuring the game’s in-depth combat system.

“Hey Everyone, we'll be showing off Kingdom Come: Deliverance at the Playstation Experience event this coming weekend. For those of you who don't know, KCD is a story-driven, open-world and realistic RPG that brings you back to 1403, in an epic adventure in the Holy Roman Empire.

“You play as Henry, son of a blacksmith, and you are on a quest for vengeance, as your family, friends and almost everyone you know has been slaughtered in your hometown, Skalice, by invading forces from Hungary.”

The video that Lagnese suggested can be seen above, and if you’re one of the ones who needed to be brought up to speed on what Kingdom Come: Deliverance is all about, this video update is the perfect one to give you an idea of what the game’s about. The video focuses entirely on the combat system, a set of features filled with blades and targeted attacks that’s one of the core parts of the new game from Warhorse Studios. Kingdom Come: Deliverance includes a robust combat system that allows you to strategically target parts of your enemy while countering their attacks and avoiding fatigue.


“The system offers a variety of weapons, attacks, counters and moves during the intense fights within the game,” a brief description of the video read. “When designing the combat, the goal was to create an immersive, sophisticated melee system that is intuitive and accessible at the same time - the result is an outstanding and realistic fighting experience.”

The PlayStation Experience event is scheduled to begin on Dec. 9, so look for Warhorse Studuio’s presentation of Kingdom Come: Deliverance over the weekend.