Rumor: Kingdom Hearts 3’s Release Date May Have Been Leaked

We’ve been waiting for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III for what seems like an eternity, with [...]

Kingdom Hearts 3

We've been waiting for Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts III for what seems like an eternity, with each new world reveal making us want the long-awaited sequel that much more. But we're nearing the light at the end of the tunnel, as the publisher has noted that the game should come out this year – and now we might have an idea as to when.

A Kingdom Hearts III product listing over on Target's page notes that the game has a release date of November 1, which falls on a Thursday. You can see the date right underneath the zip code on the right hand side. (You can see a screen grab below in case it gets taken down.)

Kingdom Hearts 3 2

Now, some could easily note this as an error, for two reasons. Number one, Square Enix hasn't announced any kind of official date, and may not even do so until E3 rolls around in a couple of months. Secondly, some folks may be wondering why a game of this stature would be released on a Thursday. A Tuesday, sure, and maybe even a Friday, but a Thursday?

But there's something else to consider here. When retailers usually list holder release dates for products, it's something along the lines of December 31 – a practice that companies like GameStop and Best Buy have done in the past. And yet, this date specifically says November 1a bit different from what we're used to.

Again, Square Enix hasn't said a word, so take this potential news with a grain of salt. But November 1wouldn't be a bad date for the game to arrive, even though it'd kind of be going head-to-head against Red Dead Redemption 2, which drops on October 26, just a few days before. There's a possibility that Square may hold off until early December, after all the "big" games for the holiday season have arrived, giving Kingdom Hearts some leeway when it comes to taking the month completely, just in time for Christmas.

Try to remain patient, Kingdom Heartsplayers – we want the game just as feverishly as you do. Hopefully, we'll see it soon enough.

Kingdom Hearts III will release sometime this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.