‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Will Get Six New Trailers This Month

Hype for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III has built to an all-time high, with thousands (perhaps [...]

Hype for Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts III has built to an all-time high, with thousands (perhaps even millions) of fans eagerly anticipating the final chapter in the role-playing/action series. With that, the company appears to be going the extra mile to promote the game.

Kingdom Hearts

Last month it hinted that we would be getting two new Kingdom Hearts III trailers for this month. But now director Tetsuya Nomura has just explained via Twitter that we'll be getting six -- and that's not even including the opening movie that just posted this morning.

Through the Japanese Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, Nomura noted, "Good morning. I am glad to announce that PR related is increasing more than expected (notice of the announcement) about the video, so I will inform you 10 days at 0 new video 16 18:30 cm (domestic cinema) 18, 17 when the final 21 days undecided 15 seconds all Japan time. Depending on the situation, time may be around a little. #_KH"

You can see the tweet below. It's a bit rough in translation, but in a nutshell, we're going to see six new trailers in all. They won't be nearly as long as the opening movie that we've seen this morning but there's a slight chance we could see new footage.

From the sound of it, the first trailer will debut tomorrow, followed by a number of thirty-second ads for the game, with the first debuting in Japanese theaters (presumably online right after). The rest will follow on December 21; and between those, we'll see a "worldwide trailer" debut on December 17. So, yeah, a whole lot of Kingdom Hearts goodness coming our way. Also, keep in mind that's not including what the publisher has lined up for January, in which we're likely to see an even bigger promotional rollout.

Square Enix is going all out for Kingdom Hearts, even going as far as to introduce a special pop-up exhibit at Walt Disney World. So if you're vacationing in that area over the next few weeks, take the time to go check it out!

Kingdom Hearts III releases on January 29, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.