'Kingdom Hearts III' Leaks, Retail Copies Seen in the Wild

Full copies of Kingdom Hearts III have been leaked more than a month ahead of the game’s actual [...]

Full copies of Kingdom Hearts III have been leaked more than a month ahead of the game's actual release date.

The game's scheduled to release everywhere on January 29th following a release in Japan on January 25th, but according to reports from those with screenshots providing proof of the leaked game, some people already have their copy of Kingdom Hearts III. Spoilers are also appearing now, apparently, as people who have those copies share more proof and early looks at the game, but for Kingdom Hearts fans trying to avoid any spoilers, there are none to be found in the images below.

Twitter user Nibel and the Twitter account for AllGamesDelta shared evidence of the leaked physical copies of Kingdom Hearts III to show that the game had indeed leaked. Some of the images showed the box art for the game – the box art being the same one that was revealed in September, so nothing new there – as well as the game being installed on an Xbox One. AllGamesDelta even alleged that someone who's part of the distribution chain for the game stole more than 30 copies and is now selling them for $100 ahead of the game's release.

The early leaks will likely prove to be challenging for those waiting for Kingdom Hearts III to officially release in January seeing how they'll now be in spoiler-avoidance mode from now until the game's release. With the game's release date still over a month away, that gives plenty of time for leakers to post more videos and screenshots revealed different parts of the game that people have waited years for. Both Twitter users cited above said that that such leaks were already out there but refrained from posting them, though it's unlikely that others will abstain from leaking game footage and details prior to the release.

The apparent leak of Kingdom Hearts III follows another huge leak when full copies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate were pirated and downloadable prior to the game's release.

Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to be releases for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25th.