'Kingdom Hearts III': Here's What You Can Ignore (For Now)

Kingdom Hearts III has only just released but people can't stop talking about how much they're [...]

Kingdom Hearts III has only just released but people can't stop talking about how much they're enjoying being back in the world of magic and friendship. We've been doing our part to help players looking for a little additional help with guides and tips, but one thing that we haven't talked about is what you DON'T need to worry about -- at least night right out of the gate.

Outside of the amazing narrative that honestly gives us more questions than answers, there is tons of side content as well. For those that are just eager to power through the story, there are a few things you don't necessarily need to worry about at this time so to help make your playthrough easier, here's what you need to know:

Starting out

First things first - the opening. When you first start out, the game asks you "who do you want to be?" From there, a few different questions pop up about your "play style" and what means the most to YOUR Sora. Though it seems like a hefty decision, it's really not and it doesn't change really anything about how the story progresses. That being said, pick what feels right and if you've to "FOMO," don't - these choices are more for an immersion effect, not crafting the narrative.

Gummi Ship

We've put together a helpful (if I do say so myself because, well - I wrote it) guide on how to customize the new and improved Gummi Ship but for those that think it seems to be a little bit too much effort than it's worth, don't worry about it. You can spec out the ship to look a little more invididualized but honestly? YOu could do nothing to your ship the entire time and just let it level up naturally and you'll be just fine.


There are tons of ways you can craft certain materials to make 'better' items, but it's in no way necessary to the game's progression - nor does it really impact the 'ease' of play. If you just absolutely hate crafting, you could get away with not doing it at all or at very least, make some AP Boost potions to gain ability points a bit faster.

The only real benefit to this feature isn't even for the main character, but his companions Donald Duck and Goofy. They don't level up automatically when it comes to new weapons and gear, but even then - you don't have to craft, there's loot everywhere.


Just don't.

The Most Important Part

Just have fun! We've been waiting for this game for over a decade. Whether you do bare mininum outside of the story or go all in, just have fun. If you hate crafting, don't do it. If you hate speccing up, don't do it. This is a very player-friendly game, so just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Interested in getting a little help? You can find a few of ou guides below:

Kingdom Hearts III is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. You can also check out our full review right here.

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