Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Returning, First Tour Dates Announced

Kingdom Hearts

The last Kingdom Hearts Orchestra tour went over so well, Wildfaery has opted to do it again.

The returning Kingdom Hearts Orchestra tour – titled the World Tour Encore!, will be kicking back into overdrive this summer, starting with a stop in Los Angeles on June 9, and then continuing into worldwide locales in July through October, including Sao Paolo, Milan and Seoul.

Pre-sale for the first round of tickets starts tomorrow at this page, with these first stops going on sale:

Los Angeles (USA) – June 9, 2018
Chicago (USA) – July 13, 2018
Pittsburgh (USA) – July 16, 2018
Atlanta (USA) – July 26, 2018
Dallas (USA) – July 28, 2018
Philadelphia (USA) – August 2, 2018
Phoenix (USA) – August 4, 2018
Las Vegas (USA) – August 5, 2018
Munich (Germany) – September 15, 2018

These other tour stops go on sale starting March 13:

Sydney (Australia) – July 7, 2018
Detroit (USA) – July 14, 2018
Boston (USA) – July 19, 2018
Toronto (Canada) – July 21, 2018
Honolulu (USA) – August 12, 2018
Sao Paolo (Brazil) – September 8-9, 2018
Milan (Italy) – September 22, 2018
Seoul (South Korea) – October 6, 2018
Mexico City (Mexico) – October 20, 2018

Kingdom Hearts
(Photo: Square Enix)

"After celebrating the 15th anniversary of the KINGDOM HEARTS video game series in major cities with the launch of the first-ever official orchestral concert tour in 2017, the KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra - World Tour - concert series will be back on the road for a second wave of worldwide performances starting June 2018," the company noted.

"The official KINGDOM HEARTS video game concert series goes back on tour starting June 2018. The acclaimed world-class quality orchestral performances will move tens of thousands more fans around the globe!"

More information on the tour can be found on the official page, and there appear to already be plans in place for a "renewed" show in 2019 that will tie in with the release of Kingdom Hearts III, although those dates haven't been revealed just yet. We'll likely know more about the tour shortly after the game's release, which will likely be sometime later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Exclusive features will also be introduced with the tour, including an exclusive merchandising line-up, a special edition CD, and, with certain stops, composer Yoko Shimomura in attendance.


Definitely check it out – it should be a fun tour, especially if you're an avid fan of the series with some favorite music selections!