This High-End Kirby Statue Is What Happiness Is Made Of

First 4 Figures is known for their incredibly detailed high-end statues. From franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and so many more - it's the perfect haven for those that love collecting and bringing their favourite fandoms to life!

The studio is back at it again with a stunning new statue, this time of the adorable Kirby! The Warp Star version features the beloved character with his signature smile upon a fluffy cloud upon a light up star. From the detailed ombre base, to the light up stars littered throughout the cloud itself, Kirby and his stubby little arms are a must have for any hardcore Nintendo fan.


According to the team over at First 4 Figures, "Kirby is a small, pink puffball with two stubby arms. Kirby's body is soft and flexible allowing him to flatten himself or expand like a balloon. Kirby is very cheerful and almost always has a positive attitude. He loves to help people so much that he sometimes goes out of his way to do it."

Just like with most First 4 Figures pieces, there are two editions. Both are set at the $349.99 price point but the difference is with the Exclusive, the base fully lights up. The Standard edition looks the same aesthetically but does not have the ability to light up. The Standard can also be purchased through third party stores, whereas the exclusive is strictly through the official First 4 Figures website.

If the 349 dollar price tag seems a bit too much, there is good news. This company is known for their phenomenal customer service and their easy to work with payment plans. There is a three month plan, a six month plan, an eight month plan, and an eleven month plan. Or you can pay all up front, up to you!


The reveal comes shortly after the Banjo statue line recently unveiled, as well as the stunning Crystal version of Spyro the Dragon. Their impressive line-up of gaming memorabilia continues to grow and honestly, we can't wait to see what else they come up with.

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