Knockout City Login Problems Reported by Players [UPDATE]

Update: The official Knockout City Twitter account has announced that servers are back up. Players should no longer have any problems logging in!

Original: Knockout City has proven to be a big success so far for EA and developer Velan Studios, but it seems that some players are currently struggling just to play the game. Knockout City's official Twitter account has confirmed that some players have been encountering issues logging in, but it's currently unclear how widespread the problem might be. Those that have been struggling with this issue should be happy to know that EA is aware of the problem and trying to find a fix. Hopefully, some kind of resolution can be found quickly so everyone can get back into the action!

The Tweet from the Knockout City Twitter account can be found embedded below.

Replies to the Tweet above are filled with a lot of Knockout City players showing their own difficulties connecting. That doesn't necessarily mean that the issue is widespread, but it's unlikely that just a small section of the player base is having issues, at the moment.

Knockout City is exclusively an online game, with no offline modes to speak of, so when players can't log in, that means they have to settle for playing something else entirely! That's not completely unusual for some multiplayer games today, but Knockout City is not a free-to-play game; with the exception of Xbox Game Pass or EA Play subscribers, most players have had to purchase the game, making this a little bit more frustrating. Problems like this for online games tend to be resolved quickly, however, so it shouldn't be too long before a fix is found.

For now, Knockout City players will just have to find some other ways to spend the time! Some of the replies to EA's Tweet are filled with players suggesting real-life games of dodgeball, which might not be a bad idea if you can get enough people together!


Knockout City is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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