Kustom Kontrollerz Reveals 'Venom' PS4 Controller Design

So remember the other day, when we showed you that awesome Spider-Man custom PlayStation 4 [...]

So remember the other day, when we showed you that awesome Spider-Man custom PlayStation 4 controller by the team at Kustom Kontrollerz? Yeah, it definitely looks to be a step up from the one that comes with Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro system, and one suited more towards the needs of Spider-Man fans. Well, buckle up, comic book fans -- there's more where that came from.

Yep, Kustom Kontrollerz has created yet another customized mock-up of a comic book controller, this time featuring the one and only Venom! Put together by an artist by the name of Vittorio (part of #TeamKustomX), the controller features a black and white design, with a familiar face on the right side of the pad, as well as a dark emblem on the left. And, of course, the splatter effects we've come to know and love from good ol' Venom.

As you can see, the controller design is pretty awesome, with a black D-pad to go along with the white face buttons, as well as black analog sticks and triggers, like the routine PS4 pad. It also appears to be similar in tone to the forthcoming Tom Hardy film, focusing on the sheer "don't hold back" attitude of the anti-hero that we all know and love. (Well, kinda love -- I know some of you folks out there prefer good ol' Spider-Man.)

Not enough comic book controller action for you? Kustom Kontrollerz has also confirmed with us that they're working on a special "half and half" model, in case you prefer a taste of both Spidey and Venom in the same peripheral. That's still being finalized but as soon as the design is set to go, we'll share it with you!

There's no word on when the Venom controller will be available or how much it'll go for, but interested parties can DM the Kustom Kontrollerz account here, and also email at contact@kustomkontrollerz.com. Chances are they'll be happy to work with you to make this controller a reality in your office. We could sure use it in ours.

And this gives you the perfect way to enjoy Spider-Man when it comes out on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Venom may not be in the game, but at least he can be in your hands and allow you to yell, "WE ARE VENOM!"