Laser League Coming to Early Access Soon

The neon-accented Laser League is coming to Early Access soon following the arena combat game’s [...]

The neon-accented Laser League is coming to Early Access soon following the arena combat game's open beta.

Laser League's developer Roll7 and publisher 505 Games announced recently that the game would be entering its Early Access stages on Feb. 8. The Steam game is said to be priced at £10.99, a price that comes out to around $14. Following the initial tests of the game's beta, 505 Games president Neil Ralley said the publishers will continue to look for player input as the game comes closer to its first release.

"Laser League is a game built with community and co-op as our number 1 priority; we believe it represents team-based play at its very best, and that sense of teamwork extends to involving our fans in development," said Ralley. "Through our initial beta tests, we have been energized and inspired by the content and feature suggestions the community has shared and we're looking forward to exploring that input further through our open beta this weekend as well as the Early Access program beginning Feb. 8."

The game itself consists of teams of players competing from a top-down perspective in a light-filled arena where these lights are your tools to victory as well as your biggest threat. Coming in contact with an enemy's abilities will be the end of your player, but choosing the right character classes and working with your team will help you survive in the arena a bit longer. It's like a combat game crossed with the arena style of Rocket League, and players' accounts of the game make the combat look pretty intense so far.

When the Early Access version of the game launches, several features will be included in this edition including plenty of playable characters and several different customization options.

Early Access Features:

  • Over 60 characters from 5 Unique brands
  • Select from 6 unique and spectacular classes; SMASH, THIEF, GHOST, SHOCK, SNIPE and BLADE.
  • Play up to 4v4 intense offline or online matches
  • Compete on 3 packed international Stadiums and master up to 10 laser maps.
  • 16 available power ups drastically change gameplay momentum.
  • Level up to unlock over 250 character customizations.

Laser League launches into Early Access on Feb. 8, and you can check out the new video above to see what people are saying about the game.