‘Layers of Fear 2’ Announced, Featuring Tony Todd

Ever since the success of its horror game Layers of Fear, the developers at Bloober Team have been cooking up a mysterious project under the code name Project Melies, leaving fans wondering just what it was up to. But now we know for sure -- it's the long-awaited follow-up!

The trailer for Layers of Fear 2 just made its debut, with the help of Gun Media, the publishers that brought out Friday the 13th: The Game for all to enjoy. There's only hints of what to expect in the sequel, but it does give you an idea of what its creepy ambience is about. You can watch it above.

The trailer begins with a look at the aisle of a cruise ship before fading to the developer logo and putting us inside what appears to be a creepy elevator with a red light going off.

We then step out into what appears to be a desecrated part of the ship, with steam pouring out of a nearby grave-like structure that suddenly breaks apart. We then get a look down a hallway, only for a number of arms to burst out of the walls.

The creepiness continues from there with some sort of deformed being busting through a wall, while the narrator reads, "Before the world told you who you should be, do you remember who you were? You became an actor...so you wouldn't have to be yourself."

We then move to a movie theater where Project Melies is shown again, before the real name -- Layers of Fear 2 -- appears through the projector.

Oh, and if that narrator sounds familiar, he should. It's none other than Candyman's own Tony Todd!

There hasn't been any sort of release date or platforms announced for the game yet, but fans of the original Layers of Fear will no doubt be excited by this news. Who knows what kind of spoopy fun this sequel will cook up?


We should know more about the game in the months ahead, as Bloober Team will likely have reveals planned for events like PAX East and Game Developers Conference. At that point, we should know what platforms it's due for as well, though Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC are likely (since they all got the original game, with the Switch version arriving earlier this year).

We'll keep you informed on what details get revealed about the game. In the meantime, be sure to check out the original game if you haven't already!