League of Legends Animation Workshop: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune: Surrender - League Animation... by WWGLeague of Legends and Riot Games are at it [...]

Miss Fortune: Surrender - League Animation...by WWG

League of Legends and Riot Games are at it again. This time they have provided fans with a closer look into Miss Fortune's life beyond the Rift. Through the two minutes you'll spend watching the video, you'll witness Miss Fortune open a can of whoop-ass on her enemies.

Riot's creation, the Animation Workshop, is a new way for League of Legends fans to really get to know some of the champions in the game.

According to Riot, this is what the Animation Workshop is all about:

Riot has a history of technical experiments and character studies that usually aren't slated for release as standalone pieces. Instead, creations of this kind tend to be absorbed in the development process, rolled up into the colorful katamari of a more ambitious final product.

Among these creations are a slew of short animations we've gathered together and called the League Animation Workshop—a collection straight from the workstations of Riot animators, exploring familiar champions in vastly different styles, techniques, settings, and moods.

Some of what you'll see is standard "fight porn"like a ninja slicing and dicing a squad of Noxians. Other animations hint at a world outside the frame, or give an impression of what champions are like when they're not busy bashing one another on the Rift. All represent the craft and care that gives the champions of League of Legends a life beyond the game.

The Animation Workshop is an ingenious idea by Riot Games that in all honesty, should have been executed a while ago. In the future, seeing these videos done with the announcement of new champions would only help build the hype even more. I'd personally love to see them go back and do some of these on League's more obscure champions. Give us Yorick and Urgot videos!

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