'League of Legends' Is Bringing Back Butcher's Bridge, Testing New Summoner Spell

League of Legends’ ARAM mode is about to play host to quite a few changes like a new Summoner [...]

League of Legends' ARAM mode is about to play host to quite a few changes like a new Summoner Spell and balance adjustments made specifically for the game mode. New items and the ability to ban enemy champions will also be added as Riot Games lets players test the changes to see what'll stick and be made permanent, and all of these suggestions will be vetted on Butcher's Bridge, the unique Bilgewater map that's returning for a short while.

Many of the changes being tested have a chance of becoming permanent additions to the mode, but before any ARAM players get their hopes up, Butcher's Bridge is only temporary. Everything else has a shot at sticking around after Patch 9.7 though with that update being the one that'll bring about all the new features Riot Games elaborated on in a post that explained the experimental changes.

ARAM players will recall that Riot Games tested several new items back in May 2018, and some of the effects of those items are returning during Patch 9.7 in different forms. Ghostwalkers are returning as a new pair of boots that let players run through walls, but this time, they can't be used if players have taken damage recently. Guardian Angel's effect is also making an appearance in a way as a new item called Mariner's Vengeance. This item removes crowd control and refreshes basic ability cooldowns upon death to allow players to get in a few more hits, but they still die after four seconds have passed.

One of the biggest changes is a new Summoner Spell called Backtrack. This ability looks like one that'll finally rival Flash as a must-have in ARAM and looks like it'll work well with Mark/Dash. Activating the ability gives players a shield, and after three seconds have passed, they're pulled back towards their fountains. Melee users travel further while ranged users will only be pulled a short distance.

On top of all these new features is something that ARAM players have been asking for: Balance changes made specifically for ARAM. Nexus Blitz players benefitted from changes that affected champions only in that game mode, and Riot Games said around that time that it'd make ARAM-only changes sometime in 2019. Runes, damage dealt, and damage taken are all changing in the next patch with a full list of what's new seen in Riot Games' post.


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