'League of Legends' Players Have One More Weekend of ARURF

League of Legends players who have enjoyed the ARURF+ mode since it was released and later [...]

League of Legends players who have enjoyed the ARURF+ mode since it was released and later extended will want to get in a few more games this weekend before the mode is removed. It's been in place so long – the longest ARURF has ever been playable – that it's almost felt like a permanent addition to the game, but this weekend is the final one to play the updated ARURF mode since it's scheduled to be taken offline when the next patch releases.

ARURF+ has been around for several months now following a January announcement that said it'd be back as part of the Lunar Revel event. It was originally scheduled to end on March 4th, but Riot Games announced around that time that it had decided to extend the event and would be keeping it around until the release of Patch 9.7. There was no wiggle room for another extension in that announcement with Riot Games saying there was something else planned for the next update, so this weekend will be players' last to play the game mode.

New features in ARURF+ included a cannon that shot players around the map, though the feature later came at the cost of the Teleport Summoner Spell after the tool was disabled in one of the mode's multiple balance updates. Those balance updates came frequently and changed champions and runes specifically for that mode throughout its duration.

There will be an updated version of ARAM playable in the next update to fill the void left by ARURF though. Butcher's Bridge's return will be the most noticeable change with that map aesthetic coming back temporarily, but other features and items are planned to be permanent changes. These include reworked versions of items that were tested previously like the Ghostwalkers boots as well as a new Summoner Spell that'll let champions – namely melee characters – get out of sticky situations easier. Like ARURF+ and Nexus Blitz before it, ARAM players will also be getting balance changes made specifically for that game mode starting in the next update.

League of Legends' Patch 9.7 is expected to release next week.


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