League of Legends Player Reportedly Gets Banned for Spoiling Avengers: Endgame

A League of Legends player found out the hard way that talking about the spoilers in Avengers: [...]

A League of Legends player found out the hard way that talking about the spoilers in Avengers: Endgame can be dangerous even when you think you're safe inside a game. We don't know what the player said about the movie, so you won't have to worry about finding any spoilers in this story, though they claim that whatever they said earned them a three-day ban from League for what Riot Games' player support team referred to as "disruptive behavior."

The player in question shared evidence of their ban in a post on Reddit which contained a screenshot of an email exchange with Riot's player support. That exchange that's seen below was edited by the user to remove names of the parties involved, but the format of the email will be familiar to any League player who's submitted a support ticket before. There's always the chance an email could be doctored and it's unlikely Riot would discuss the nature of other players' bans, but judging from the format and the signature, it appears to be a legit instance of a ban being levied.

"I know that you are excited to discuss the latest Avengers movie with others but spoiling it for players that might not have seen it yet isn't cool," the Riot Games support member said. "At this time your account has been issued a 3 day suspension due to this disruptive behavior."

League of Legends Ban
(Photo: Reddit)

The behavior could certainly be considered disruptive if you consider how people have reacted to hearing spoilers so far. Hearing a spoiler when you're gearing up for a ranked match could throw you off your game in a big way. If the ban is indeed real as the player says, it also means that the ban was likely the result of a manual review after someone reported the player for spoiling the movie as opposed to an automated system at work. Another response from the player support team said the game's code of conduct can't possibly encompass everything that might come up and that Riot will "intervene and action accounts" that are disrupting other players' experiences.

The player who spoiled the movie said they were testing a theory that was discussed on Reddit prior to the ban being issued. Players were asking if spoiling the movie was a bannable offense and said someone had done it to them, so the banned player wanted to test that theory. The player who tested this theory said they know they deserve the ban.


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