League of Legends Champion And Skin Sale Dec 26-29

Another week has come and gone in League of Legends, another champion and skin sale arises. Once more players can buy the skins and champions they've been lusting after for 50% off, making those beloved Riot Points stretch a little bit longer for a more rewarding play experience. This week's sale brings the fun of a pool party with a new Fiora skin, as well as a few badass champions for half the dough (er, Riot Points). Now's your chance to not "get rekt" with the Rek'sai champion for 50% off, it's hard to beat.

Just like previous weeks, there are four champions and four skins total. Each unit will be 50% off until the end date on December 4th. Why buy one champion when you can get two for the same Riot Points price? Let's start with the skins.

League of Legends Skin Sale: Bilgewater Swain, Marauder Ashe, Headhunter Rengar, and Pool Party Fiora

image (5)
(Photo: Bilgewater Swain - 260 RP)
image (6)
(Photo: Marauder Ashe - 375 RP)
image (7)
(Photo: Headhunter Rengar - 487 RP)
image (8)
(Photo: Pool Party Fiora - 675 RP)

There are also four champions available at the 50% off rate, as well:

  • Rek-Sai - 487 RP
  • Jayce - 440 RP
  • LeBlanc - 395 RP
  • Gragas - 440 RP

So whether or not players want to become "the Defender of Tomorrow" with Jayce, or simply looking reskin a favourite champion already owned; the weekly sales offer a chance for those that compete to customise their play experience a little more for a more affordable price. Remember: this week's sale only runs from December 26th - December 29th, so if any of these have caught your fancy - don't be shy about scooping them up for 50% off.

In other League of Legends news, did you hear that they are looking to hire on a few interns? Check out more info on how to apply right here, but be quick! There are only 10 spots left!