League of Legends Champion and Skin Sale Dec. 19-22


Been holding on to all of your precious RP? Time's up, suckers, because a brand new Champion and skin sale has rolled out, and we have some fan-favorite champs on offer, and some festive skins, for half off of their original going price!

We fully expected Riot to lean into the holiday season and give us a bunch of Santa Clauses, snowmen, and candy canes, but it looks like they went the opposite direction. In fact, some of these skins are straight-up summer getups. We're in for Pool Party Renekton. Here's the full lineup:


  • Lil' Slugger Trundle - 260 RP
  • Pool Part Renekton - 487 RP
  • Super Teemo - 487 RP
  • Program Soraka - 675 RP

The champion selection this time around seems catered to newer players. Who among you doesn't already have Lee Sin and Heimerdinger on your roster of Champions already? Still, we're assuming that even a few of you vets have yet to drop points for Illaoi or Aurelion Sol, so there should be something here to spice up your personal meta. Here's the full lineup, with prices:



  • Illaoi - 487 RP
  • Lee Sin - 440 RP
  • Heimerdinger - 395 RP
  • Aurelion Sol - 487 RP

Of course Aurelion and Illaoi are the most expensive of the bunch, but at this price they're tough to resist. Grab 'em for cheap while you still can!