League of Legends Sale Discounts Worldbreaker, Elderwood skins

More of League of Legends’ champions and skins are about to go on sale this week with a new set [...]

League of Legends Worldbreaker Nasus
(Photo: Riot Games)

More of League of Legends' champions and skins are about to go on sale this week with a new set of discounts for Worldbreaker skins and champs like Bard and Lulu.

While the sales sometimes favor certain lanes or roles more than others with some roles being entirely unrepresented, the first sale of this week offers a decent distribution among all positions. Jungle, support, and the top lane have the most options to pick from in this sale, but there's at least something for everyone else if those aren't your preferred roles.

Below are all of the champions and skins that are going to be discounted for just a few days starting on April 17.


  • Monarch Kog'Maw – 260 RP
  • Worldbreaker Nasus – 375 RP
  • Jade Dragon Wukong – 487 RP
  • Elderwood Hecarim – 675 RP


  • Nidalee – 395 RP
  • Lulu – 440 RP
  • Xerath – 440 RP
  • Bard – 487 RP

With everyone has different preferences for the best skins from the sale, the best way to get the most for your RP is generally to look for the most expensive skin that's discounted. While that's still true here, it'd be a shame to overlook the cheapest skin in this sale like RP-savers sometime do each week. Kog'Maw's Monarch skin that gives the caterpillar wings and turns him into a pretty butterfly is a simple one that's not quite as flashy as his other options, but the idea fits so well that it's hard to say no to it for just 260 RP. Kog'Maw is also currently the most viable champ out of those with skins on sale this time, so hopefully no buyer's remorse will be felt since you'll plenty of use from the skin if you're a bot-lane main.

As for the champions that are on sale, supports take up half of the slots with the final two being split between jungle and mid. Top and bot aren't represented here as they were in the skins though unless you want to get creative with your picks and take a champion to a new lane. Lulu will probably be the best bet for those looking to get the most out of the champions that are on sale, and with the champion not even being the most expensive, buyers may have some RP left over for another purchase.

The champion and skin sale will go live on April 17 and will remain in the store until April 20 when it'll be replaced by a new sale the next day.